A few months ago I finally got a good steamer pot. I’d been proud of myself for many years to be able to steam an artichoke in other ways. I can steam it in the microwave. I figured out a way to steam it without a steamer basket. It’s always worth the effort. But I’m finally “growing up” and trying to get the best parts of your kitchen duplicated. That included the good steamer pot.

Tonight’s dinner was 100% things you taught me. First we had spaghetti using sauce that I’d doctored. I saved most of mine for lunches this week.

Besides. I got myself two big fat artichokes that I had to leave room for.

They’re just such strong memories. I remember your steamer pot, what the lid looks like, where you stood at the stove. I remember I always wanted more than my artichoke provided.

But now I’m an “adult.” I’m almost 40 and I still don’t know my ass from my elbow. But I got me a nice big steamer pot. And I made myself two artichokes.

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